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Common Queries about Perfumes

There are tons of questions regarding perfumes that have you confused and keep you from getting the most out of your favourite ones, like the best women's perfumes. Well, worry no more; here is a detailed guide that answers all the queries. Keep on reading to know more!

1. EAU De Parfum or EAU De Toilette?

A specific fragrance is made out of a concentrate solution that consists of a pure blend of ingredients and alcohol. The ingredients are what the perfumes smell like, and the alcohol is just the carrier that helps the scent stay. EAU De Toilette (EDT) is usually concentrated at 10% to 12% fragrance oil, which means that in every 100ml container of perfumes, you will have 10ml to 12ml of pure fragrance oil, while the rest will be alcohol. EAU De Parfum (EDP) generally has 15% to 20% fragrance oil, and the same logic applies. In conclusion, EDP would be a stronger version of the EDT. For example, it would be sweeter, muskier or woodier. We only sell EDP and all of our dupe perfumes have 20% quality fragrance oil and is legally within the IFRA limit.

2. Why Doesn’t the Fragrance Last Long?

This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions about perfumes. Well, all the answers come down to how base heavy the fragrance is and what the fragrance formula is. The base notes and the ingredients are responsible for how long a fragrance can stick around for. The heavy molecules make it harder for the smell to fade away. Some of the bases last longer than the other but if you want it to last long, get your hands on woodier/muskier/ambery ingredients. 

3. Where Should The Perfume Be Worn? 

You can wear your perfume anywhere you want, but it is suggested that you spray a good amount where your pulses points (wrists or neck) are. Due to the prominent blood flow, these points are warmer than the others, which helps project the fragrance better. That makes the fragrance more likely to be sensed from a distance by other people. If you want the scent to cling to your clothes for a little longer, then there is no harm in an extra spritz all over. 

4. Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Fragrances?

Well, if you want the truth, there isn’t any difference. The gendering of fragrances and the introduction of mass-marketed fragrances go back to the ’50s, which particularly targeted the women. However, if you go back to the original creation of perfumes, even up until this point, you will know that any fragrance was made for anyone interested in using it. The cultural elements also affect the way we view a specific scent. For instance, in the western world, the best men’s perfumes are warmer and woodier compared to the ones for women, which are softer, sweeter and floral smells. Keep all that aside, and choose whatever appeals to you. We aim to launch a range of men's designer inspired by aftershave in the near future.

5. Why Can Others Smell Your Perfume When You Can’t?

As we all know, all noses are different. This means some noses are good at detecting smells even from a distance, unlike others. Also, once we start to wear a fragrance regularly, we begin to get used to the scent, and it makes it harder for us to differentiate. To others, the scent is just as strong as the first spritz, every time. Now that you know what the case is, make sure that you don’t become that person that people can smell before they even enter the room. Put on an appropriate amount of fragrance, so people can know how good you smell, but only when you are beside them.

6. Can Perfume Affect My Jewellery?

Not many people know about the fact that the chemicals in perfumes can actually react with your jewellery and damage them. Commonly, people wear perfumes when they are done getting ready with all their precious jewellery on. The point that must be paid attention to is that pearls and diamond are specifically sensitive to synthetic ingredients that are used in making perfumes. It is suggested that you wear your perfume first, let it settle down and then wear your jewellery to prevent any damage.

7. Is Sniffing Coffee Beans a Crucial Part of Buying a Perfume?

Well, not necessarily. It is actually a marketing technique to keep you longer in the store, in case you end up buying something. It is just a statement to add an air of fairytale and fiction to sell a fragrance. If you are planning on trying different scents in a single trip, then smell your skin for another spot, and that will reset your nose. You don’t have to carry around a sample of coffee with you while trying out perfumes. 

8. Are There Any Alternatives To Perfumes If You Are Allergic?

If you are allergic to perfumes, then there isn’t a substitute for that, except for natural ingredients, such as vanilla or cedarwood. However, there is one easy way to get the best out of perfumes, without having to get in direct contact with the solution. You can try the French way, which is just spraying a good amount of perfume in the air and jumping into the cloud to absorb some into your clothes and maybe your hair possibly. 

Hopefully, this guide has cleared all of your confusions and has made it easier for you to get more knowledge about perfumes in detail. You can get the most out of the best men’s perfumes or women’s fragrances without a hassle!

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