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Neroli Portofino Dupe Perfume

Neroli Portofino Dupe Perfume

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Vegan | Cruelty-free | Clean Ingredients

Gender: Unisex - Female + Male

Our Neroli Portofino Dupe Perfume (unisex) perfume is similar to those found in Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. This crisp, fresh unisex fragrance is an aromatic, citrus scent that has layers and depth that creates a delicate long lasting fragrance.

Top Notes: Tunisian Neroli and Italian Bergamot

Middle Notes: Sicilian Lemon and Mandarin

Base Notes: Orange Flower and Lavender

Our Dupe Perfume is Made in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they really last all day?

Yes! We source the finest ingredients for our perfume and they have a fragrance content of 20%+, which makes them Eau De Parfum. Read our customer reviews on JudgeMe.

How close to the original are they?

Very close! We test every perfume before it goes on sale and conduct blind smell testing with the original and ours.

Do you really offer 30 day returns?

Yes! We understand people want to try a perfume to know if they will like it. We let our customers have a few test sprays, which can be returned to us if it's not for you.

Where are they made?

Everything is made at our facility in Scotland, located centrally between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our designed inspired perfume range is hand poured by a human, with no machines in sight!

How long will they take to arrive?

We have a couple of shipping options, express (24 hours) and economy (48 hours). We strive to post an order on the day it's received, but it can depend on how busy we get!

Customer Reviews

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Rachael McCallum

This perfume smells almost exactly like the very expensive real version. And it is so strong! Usually can’t smell your own perfume when it’s on, but every time I move the amazing scent comes back! I wore it out today and overheard a stranger wondering who had just sprayed something as it smelled amazing. It was this perfume, and it had already been on for about 2 hours. She thought I’d just sprayed it! So long lasting and don't need a lot on. Will be buying more lovely scents!